Description of Level I – Minor Inspection:

  • Belts – Inspect for worn, broken or loose, and adjust
  • Cooling System – Maintain proper coolant level
  • Jacket Water Heater – Check and record blockage
  • Engine Crankcase – Check the oil level (add if necessary)
  • Governor – Check for proper operation
  • Fuel System – Inspect for leaks, from day tank supply lines to the engine
  • Batteries – Maintain electrolyte level and check connections for tightness
  • Gauges – Inspect the condition of all gauges
  • Battery Charger – Inspect for proper operation (adjust if necessary)
  • Start Engine – Run the engine approx. 15-min. (up to operating temperature)
  • Oil Pressure – Inspect for proper oil pressure and record readings
  • Fuel Pressure – Inspect for proper fuel pressure and record readings
  • Frequency – Inspect for correct RPM/HZ, adjust if needed and record readings
  • Voltage – Inspect for correct voltage, adjust if needed and record readings
  • Leaks – Inspect and record leaks (oil, coolant, fuel, air, exhaust)

Automatic Transfer Switch:

1. Perform a temperature scan on all contactors, power connections, fuses and associated controls. Report all abnormal readings.
2. Perform a complete visual inspection of the equipment including sub assemblies, wiring harnesses, contactors, cables and major components. Report all abnormal readings.

  • Automatic Switches – Ensure that all switches are in the correct position
  • Day Tank – Inspect for float and pump operation, record fuel level
  • Malfunction / Discrepancy – Record and report any malfunctions/discrepancies IAW this scheduled maintenance procedure to the facility manager


1. Report to the facility manager
2. Submit checklist of the reading and notes on the condition of the unit
3. Report any discrepancies noted IAW this scheduled maintenance procedure
4. Make recommendations, if needed
5. Dispose of solvents, chemicals and materials reclaimed during the service in compliance with EPA standards


 Description of Level II – Major Service All Services Included in Level I, Plus: 

Fuel System Change Fuel Filters
Cooling System  Check for Proper Mixture of Antifreeze
Engine Crankcase Change Oil and Filters (take sample for analysis)


Description of Level III – PM III Service (Not Covered Under Agreement) All Services Included in Level I and II, Plus:

Cooling System             Replace:  Belts, Flexible Hoses, *Coolant, Radiator Cap (Block heater isolation ball valves will be added when needed)

*(Extended life coolants will be upgraded after the first (3) years and replaced after (6) years)

Battery                            Replace: Batteries