Power Distribution Units, 3-Phase Models

On-Line Services Include:

1.         Perform a temperature scan on all breakers, power connections, fuses and associated controls. Repair and/or report all abnormal readings.
2.         Perform a complete visual inspection of the equipment including subassemblies, wiring harnesses, contacts, cables and major components.
3.         Inspect the control cabinet for accumulations of dust and/or debris. Clean as required.
4.         Record all voltage and current meter readings on the meter panel.
5.         Measure and record all voltage and current readings at the input and output of unit.
6.         Verify that all front panel meter readings are correct. Calibrate if required.
7.         Verify that indicator lamps are working.
8.         Verify auto or manual restart selection.

Off-Line Services Include Above, Plus:

1.         With customer’s permission, open the input circuit breaker to the PDU. Note: This will remove all power to the load.
2.         Physically check all nuts, bolts, screws and connectors for tightness and heat discoloration.
3.         Physically check control wires, ribbons and connectors for correct and secure installation.
4.         Measure and record all low-voltage power supply levels.
5.         Verify that all branch circuit breakers are installed correctly and are secure.
6.         Remove dust from circuit cards and other sensitive components.
7.         After completion of the preventive maintenance routine, verify that all branch breakers are closed and ready for re-energizing.
8.         Before closing the input circuit breaker of the PDU, verify that UPS is in bypass mode.
9.         Review system performance with customer to address any questions and to schedule any repairs.