Stationary Battery Systems, Sealed VRLA

Service Includes:

1. Inspect the appearance and cleanliness of the batteries and the battery room. Clean normal dirt accumulation on cell tops.
2. Measure and record the total battery float voltage and charging current.
3. Measure and record total ripple voltage and current.
4. Visually inspect the jars and covers for cracks and leakage.
5. Visually inspect for evidence of corrosion.
6. Measure and record the ambient temperature.
7. Verify the condition of the ventilation equipment.
8. Verify the integrity of the battery rack/cabinet.
9. Measure and record representative cell temperatures.
10. Measure and record the float voltage of all cells.
11. Measure and record the internal impedance on all units.
12. Check the tightness of 10% of the inter-unit connectors, when unit can be taken off-line.
13. Provide a detailed written report noting any deficiencies and corrective action needed, taken, and/or planned.

Annual Service Includes Above, Plus:

1. Re-torque all battery connections to the battery manufacturer’s specifications.
2. Measure and record all battery connection resistance in micro-ohms, if applicable.

Corrective Maintenance Performed as Required:

1. Refurbish cell connections as deemed necessary by the detailed inspection report.