Load Bank Testing

Load Bank TestingThere is more to maintaining a generator than performing routine maintenance services. Many diesel generators are running at a small percentage of what they can actually support. As this occurs, fuel is not completely burned and passes on into the exhaust side of the turbocharger and on into the exhaust system affecting exhaust valves, turbocharger, and exhaust manifolds. This condition is referred to as “wet stacking”.

Continued use of the engine under wet stacking conditions can cause diminished engine performance, excessive fuel consumption, and even catastrophic engine failure.

Load Bank TestingWe recommend performing annual load testing to help guard against wet stacking and to ensure the generator can support and maintain the load capacity it was designed to handle. A separate load bank should be used instead of risking building load to perform the testing. We follow the standards set by NFPA 110 to ensure proper testing and compliance.